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Book-keeping is fundamentally crucial in every company for performance measurement, statutory reporting and etc. With our book-keeping service, we are able to not only meet your basic book-keeping requirements, but also share with you the underlying implications of your financial results, highlight exceptions and alert you when we identify any compliance issues like GST and withholding tax matters. We would also provide you with insights of your business, such as customising the management report format according to your internal reporting requirements and etc.

Financial Reporting

Financial Statements reflects a company’s performance. They are often required by many stakeholders such as shareholders, regulators, tax authorities, bankers and etc. To suit your needs and to help you stay in compliance with relevant regulations, we are able to prepare for you:

  • Unaudited financial statements with relevant explanatory notes that in accordance to Financial Reporting Standards in Singapore (FRS) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Draft financial statements for audit requirements

  • Group consolidated accounts and/or financial statements with multiple components

  • Customise reporting package tailored to your chart of accounts

  • Complete management accounts

Financial Reporting Advisory

Many companies find it challenging to keep up with the requirements of relevant accounting frameworks. Our professional team has the expertise and knowledge to advise you and assist you to stay in compliant.

Re-alignment of accounting framework
If your company needs to report under both the local financial standards and foreign financial standards, the conversion of the accounting records between these two standards can be daunting. We have the right team to provide you with technical support and assistance.

Preparation of XBRL

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) require all the companies enlisted in Singapore to file financial statements in full XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language). It applies to the un-exempted companies that are limited by shares and insolvent Exempt Private Company. We offer professional, reliable and timely service for XBRL conversation and filing.

Corporate Secretary & Compliance

We provide one-stop and comprehensive corporate secretarial services to both local and multinational companies to set up and do business in Singapore, as well as to assist them in complying with the various local legislation. We understand the special needs of companies in different categories which enable us to provide practical solutions systematically. While our professional team takes care of these non-core but critical corporate compliance matters for you, you can rest assured to focus on enhancing the value of your business.

Our services include:

  • Private Limited Companies

    • Assist in preparing and drafting minutes/resolutions of Directors and Shareholders to regularise routine secretarial matters

    • Assist in preparing timely annual returns and other necessary returns for filing with ACRA

    • Maintain the Statutory Registers and Minute books

    • Arranging for registered office, nominee resident directors and named company secretaries

  • Public Listed Companies

    • Prepare Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings and minute the proceedings thereat

    • Assist in reviewing annual report to ensure compliance with Listing Rules (for companies listed in SGX-ST)

    • Assist in review/preparation of announcements including Company’s full year, half-year and quarterly results

    • Set up and maintain the minute book and statutory registers

    • Assist in ensuring that the Company complies with continuing listing requirements of the SGX

    • Attend to the preparation of documentation for routine corporate secretarial matters and lodgment of statutory returns

    • Advise and facilitate the release of Company announcements to SGX electronically (SGXNET)

Incorporation and Winding Up

Our team is experienced in such field and will assist you with preparation and submission of the required documents.

Our services include:

  • Incorporation and registration of various types of entities such as:

    • Private Limited Company

    • Singapore Branch of Foreign Companies

    • Representative Office

    • Singapore Variable Capital Companies (VCC)

  • License application

  • Winding up entities

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory

Going public is a tedious and long process that represents a significant milestone for any company. Let us advise and assist you along this journey. At the initial stage, we can help evaluate your financial readiness for an IPO. We can also help you assemble a team of key advisers, including the investment banker, sponsors, lawyers and underwriters. We can then help to strengthen the company’s accounting record system, to tighten the internal controls, to enhance operational efficiency, to address and to resolve issues that may affect the IPO listing. During the IPO listing, we are able to advise on the appropriate corporate structure and tax planning measures, to prepare financial and non-financial data required in the IPO offering and etc. Subsequent to your successful listing, we are also able to advise on corporate governance, regulatory changes, financial/sustainability reporting and etc.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

We are right by your side to support your M&A. From valuation to negotiation, our consultants provide knowledge, expertise and valuable business insights to assist you in getting the best value out of the M&A. Working with industry experts, we are able to offer an industry-focused approach to understand trends and current issues to improve the probability of a successful M&A deal.

Government Grants & Support

Many companies in Singapore are qualified for various government grants and support, but only a few are making use of such support from the government. Our consultants have helped many companies in successfully applying the government grants to support their regional and global expansion, adoption of new technology, uplifting the skills of the existing work force and etc.

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